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Alert Strobe Light

The Alert Strobe Light provides visual indication of new alerts received. When the unit has power, the strobe is activated by the dry contact closure of connector pins 2 and 3, or by pressing the ‘test’ button.

The strobe can be powered by wire from the AlertEagle®400, the WeatherEagle®110, the SignPrinter®100 Interface or from a wall transformer connected to the strobe light. Use standard 18-24 gauge wire for connections.

You can adjust the brightness of the strobe to show an alert without causing disruption or discomfort. The strobe is packaged in a stylish, rugged dark gray plastic case (2.9” W x 4.85” L x 1.3” H) with rubber feet. The strobe itself measures 2.5” dia x 1.75” H.

The Alert Strobe Light includes the following components:

  • LED power indication.
  • Test switch.
  • Four-port removable screw terminal connector for easy and secure connections.
  • Connector pin-out
    1. +12VDC
    2. switch +
    3. switch -
    4. ground
  • voltage regulator and filtered, diode-protected power supply.
The strobe has been successfully tested and used for many years in active Emergency Operations Centers

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