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Battery Backup - Computer UPS

Bad weather is often the cause of AC commercial power surges, glitches and failures. At these times, you need your Thunder Eagle® equipment working reliably.

For years we have recommended the use of high quality computer UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supplies). A UPS instantly switches your AlertEagle® or WeatherEagle® product to emergency battery back-up power and allows you to operate through power outages. UPS are also recommended for the workstation running the FipsSender™ software, the SignPrinter interface, and the LED signboards.

A 500-volt amp unit will power the AlertEagle® products for about 24 hours. Our AlertEagle® products draw minimal current (about 200 milliamps or 0.200 amps).

The time of operation is usually limited by the current used by the UPS to convert voltage from 12VDC to 120 VAC. The larger the UPS, the more time the AlertEagle® equipment will run on battery back-up power. See http://www.apc.com/products/category.cfm?id=13 for technical information.

A computer UPS contains rechargeable and replaceable sealed-lead acid batteries, which are constantly charged by the UPS to be ready for instant emergency use. This has proven far more reliable than normal non-rechargeable alkaline batteries, which tend to leak and be dead when you need them. These rechargeable batteries should be replaced about every three years, according to the manufacturer's recommendations, for peak performance.

WE110 – Stand-alone Receiver

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WE110 Receiver -
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