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FipsSender-II™ Software

FipsSender-II is the second generation of Thunder Eagle's powerful software that makes interfacing Thunder Eagle weather alert equipment professional and simple. It is designed to grow with the demanding needs of our customers, while being extremely easy to use.

The home page gives a status report on each of the features of the software on boot up. Green means the feature is OK, red means the feature is stopped, and yellow means the feature is attempting to be operational.

Users can create their own messages with sophisticated features such as setting the time and day of display of the message. For example, if you want a message to run in the cue every Tuesday from 0900 to 1200 saying that "Time slips are due today!", you can set these run features within the message.

Messages are created and are saved for future editing and use in XML files which can be read with any standard web browser.

Saved messages can be sent manually to any sign or groups of signs.

All messages are sent through a cue and a detailed log is kept on the success of getting each message to each sign with a detailed date and time stamp.

The FipsSender-II can be interfaced to many other systems to place automatically updating information on the signboards including the Texas Weather Instruments professional weather station. In addition to receiving weather alerts from the National Weather Service, many emergency operations centers need real time local ground truth weather information (including wind speed, direction, temperature, barometer, humidity and the presence of lightning) to make informed decisions.


Weather alert messages from the Alert Eagle 400 come into an ethernet port on the server computer and are sent to each sign in the auto group.

The FipsSender-II can be easily interfaced into Air Messenger email / paging software.

The FipsSender-II will automatically sync the clocks in the signboards with the network time which is critical for professional operations.

Settings for the FipsSender-II operation are easily made and reviewed..

LED signboards can be added to, or deleted from, the system and may placed in groups for ease of use.



WE110 – Stand-alone Receiver

WE110R-Rack Mount

WE110 Receiver -
AE120 SAME-EAS Decoder

WE105 Receiver -
AE400 SAME-EAS Decoder
Translates Alerts to Text

MRI-100 MultiRadio Interface

FipsServer Custom Weather Website

SP100 SignPrinter Interface

One Line LED Signboard

Two Line LED Signboard


Rugged Printer


Strobe Light